The World Is Full Of Fake People And You Will Find All Of Them On The Internet

The World Is Full Of Fake People And You Will Find All Of Them On The Internet


Do you know what miffed me when I began trading online?

The world of online trading is not one where you can trust just about anybody. Statistics will prove that nine out of ten trading software are bogus, fake and scammers.

But that was surprisingly not the reason I was bugged. My problem was something different!

It is always so easy to create an email account specifically for the purpose of reviewing a product or a service and they abandon it forever. It may satisfy the urge to criticize a product or service unnecessarily but have these people who do it merely for the heck of it or because they get an economic consideration out of it even realize what the resultant repercussion is on the people who read such negative false reviews and take them at their face value, believing them to be true and then steering away from a completely legit and honest product?

I guess not!

Because if they did, they wouldn’t be doing it in the first place and there wouldn’t be tens of hundreds of thousands of false negative reviews all over the internet.

Let me tell you about my own experience!

When I was looking to find a trading platform to trade in cryptocurrencies, I began scouring the internet for ideas. I came across hundreds of reviews telling me that Bitcoin Trader, legit and perfectly honest software was a hard-core scam. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

At the same time, I was also scouring some of the freelancing microblogging sites to see if I could pick up a part-time writing job. What do you think I see?

The website had a requirement for writing negative reviews for several of the trading platform that I could cross my fingers to tell you that they were perfectly legit. I was upset no doubt but on that day I realized that this is where the negative false reviews are manufactured.

People write false reviews mostly negative for as little as five dollars; can you beat that?!

I have been trading on Bitcoin Trader for two whole years and I could simply cast aside the false reviews but what about the people who cannot even tell the difference between an honest and a dishonest review.

Let me make this clear once and for all:

Most of the negative reviews on the internet are all false and I can tell you with the decided conviction that none of them; yes not even one of them would have actually downloaded the software or even got on it once and traded to be able to review it. They are all a sham!

Right from its source to just now, this software is legit and I am a guarantee. You could get on to my Facebook profile and see for yourself the pictures that I post regularly of my winning trades. Can even a single negative reviewer produce evidence of their trading?!