There are currently 50 working artists in the neighborhood, primarily at Delevan Center but also in the Lincoln Building and SALTQuarters, the NWSI’s studio, gallery and artist in residence headquarters. The Nancy Cantor Warehouse, which sits on the edge of the NWS, is home to the Syracuse University College of Visual and Performing Arts design programs. All of these assets have created a critical mass of artistic resources that are helping to reinvigorate the neighborhood.


SALTQUARTERS is a self-sustaining neighborhood-based artist in residence project and community gallery. The goal of SALTQuarters is to generate a creative hub for artistic endeavors that engage with the Near Westside community. In 2013, the NWSI received funding from ArtPlace, a national foundation focused on creative placemaking, to transform a once vacant restaurant/bar into a hub for artists and creative individuals. By May 2013 the building was transformed into SALTQuarters, a 4,000 square foot building, featuring a community gallery, two apartments, and three art studios.

Artists in Residence

The SALTQuarters Gallery is also home to NWSI’s Artist in Residence program. The program provides a yearlong residency to a local artist and two, six-month residencies to two national artists from outside Central New York. The program has hosted seven artists in residence since it began in 2013. In addition to their work, SALTQuarters also hosts regular gallery events, highlighting up-and-coming artists from the region as well as current Syracuse University student and faculty work.

For more information about the Artist in Residency Program or booking a show at the gallery, visit the SALTQuarters website here.