NWS Entrepreneurship Program

Our program is directed toward a broad clientele of aspiring, new, and existing entrepreneurs to help them establish profitable and sustainable businesses. Our goal is to help promote stability and growth as well as increase productivity and profitability by helping individuals make informed decisions relating to their businesses. Once an individual successfully completes our entrepreneurial and businesses development program, they’re eligible for our micro loan program, which will provide them with the funding needed to implement their business plans that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to obtain.

Navigate to these links which will take you to the entire process of applying to these programs. These are indeed a boon to the current state in which people are facing unemployment and underemployment issues. The fee structure is also quite nominal and the course content is simple and interesting. If you are interested in making your own business, this program is the perfect one for your growth and development.and the best part is that if you complete the program successfully, you are eligible for the microloan program with no restrictions, unlike other new applicants. Thus you get the combined offer of learning the business strategies and getting funding for the same. Enroll as soon as possible rather than missing out such an opportunity!

Our program provides a complete teaching, training, and financing program for each of our clients with individualized, one-on-one consulting, classes and courses. These services include: business plan development, organization structures, exporting, cost analysis, marketing, financial planning, financial strategies, business expansion and research.

For more information about any of the NWSI’s business development programming, please contact Maarten Jacobs at (315) 443-0320 or mjacob01@syr.edu

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