Forex trading is currency market also called as foreign exchange market. It is considered global.


  • Decentralized System: Being a decentralized market is the major advantage amidst the other markets. It means that the trading with crypto currency does not involve central bank. So, the values of the currency are not varied frequently. Because of this decentralized nature, the rates of crypto currency remain unaffected to geopolitical issues and economical issues of the country.
  • High Leverage: Most of the forex brokers offer high return amount to the user who deposits money. Such cases had to be carefully handled as the loss will also have a serious impact on the investor with the profit and loss at its maximum.
  • No Transaction Cost: No charges is being put on for the transaction of online trading. The crypto currency transaction being recorded in the public networks with no interference of banks or any other agencies. A transaction charge is being forbidden for the international transfers too. A deposit fee is also not collected from the investors, thus encouraging more traders and investors to indulge in the online trading.
  • Low Deposit Amount: To start of with the fore trading, it is easy for all group people as it involves only a little amount of money about $25 to kick start the trading. Many promotional offers and special offers are given for new investors. This offers a positive view to the online trading.
  • Low cost of trading: Bitcoin trader are more benefited in such a way that, the forex brokers who accept crypto currency has set only very small amount as the brokerage charges to establish a friendly relationship the client.
  • Global trading: The transactions are global such that the trader from Europe can employ the broker from Africa.
  • Security: The bank details are not necessarily revealed for a transaction to occrur.