SALT District of the Near Westside

What we’re working on
  • A Youth Leadership Team Kicks Off!
  • Celebrating Neighbors in the NWS
  • Presenting The Berg @ Skiddy Park
  • Nature Matching System Mural
  • Near Westside Game Night 

    More about the program:

    The NWSI – near west side initiative is a program that been framed for the well being of the people who live in the near west side area. This includes economic developmental initiatives, jobs, health, housing and academic enrichment for the people who live here. Along with these, art and culture also play a pivotal role is NWSI’s development.

    Some of the details of its initiatives are in the following areas:

    • Social enterprise: there is an enterprise by name SALT Works which engages people in furniture designing and woodworking. The people who are enrolled in this program are thereafter directly inducted into a full-time job with living This has been proved to be really helpful in eliminating the issue of unemployment in these areas.
    • Cultural vitality: there are regular cultural programs like game nights in the neighborhood, light decorations competitions, clean up days and appreciation nights for teachers, Thanksgiving dinners, multicultural parties, and youth basketball tournaments. This also combined with cultural centers for fostering the improvement of the Latino Art forms and cultural necessities. And there are also school collaborations related to improving poetry skills and fostering these skills in young people.
    • Health initiatives: providing health care to these areas has been another challenging task in giving integrated and preventive health care. The grocery stores also have a counter which enlists the health food options and community events. Also, the health center patients can get subsidies to buy healthy food options from such grocery stores.
    • Real estate development: there has been continuous engagement in activities needed to develop residential areas and mix-use commercial and residential spaces. These are nonprofit organizations that focus on education, family counseling, real estate planning, and

    The below directory will provide with all necessary links that can help you to completely understand the important activities for community wealth building. This has been a global lesson for the entire world to understand the importance of developing even the less fortunate areas to ensure global economic development. Such unity in thoughts will lead to a better future and happy faces all around. when community building has been prioritized, then the nation growth is ensured. This has been found out clearly by the people in these areas so that it can be developed and also focused well. There is also a special mention of art and culture which is equally important.