Near Westside Initiative: Father’s Day violence at odds with neighborhood’s rise

An open letter to the Greater Syracuse Community: The violence that took place at 11 p.m. Father’s Day on Otisco and Tioga streets in the Near Westside is a tragedy for those directly impacted, those who witnessed it, the city of Syracuse and particularly for the residents who have been working to make their neighborhood[…]

Syracuse’s saddest building becomes a pop of light: The Gear Factory’s promise

By Marnie Eisenstadt | Syracuse, N.Y. — The Gear Factory building glowed on the city’s western edge, a five-story flash bulb stuck on. On a recent night, someone had left the lights on in the renovated factory. It has 120 windows and the light bounced from pane to pane. This month, the building officially[…]

Syracuse University ‘urban acupuncture’ students pinpoint safe space on Near West Side

BY Julie McMahon SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Three groups of two dozen Syracuse University students were sent out into the city with $600 per group to perform “urban acupuncture” on Syracuse’s neighborhoods. Junior Kayla Fermin and Senior Abigail Feikes were among a handful of students that went to the Near West Side, one of the areas[…]