Tour Brendan Rose’s Completed Sculptures on the Near Westside!

Over the course of the last year, artist Brendan Rose has been meticulously bending steel, pouring concrete, and carefully applying paint to his newly finished sculpture series in the Near Westside. Brendan, who was the Salt Quarters artist in residence for 2014/2015 spent the first part of his residency seeing what needs the landscape of[…]

Passion reels SU alumna back to Syracuse

SU alumna Camellia Loojune joins the Near Westside Initiative team                 From its rich cultural diversity to entrepreneurial spirit, Syracuse always possessed a certain charm that I was drawn to. With the many initiatives in place and in the developmental phase to help rejuvenate this city, I knew[…]

Video: Community Health in the Near Westside

The Near Westside is on the move! Check out this video to see how community partners like the Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion at Syracuse University are helping us work alongside residents to improve health and wellness in the community: