The Near Westside of Syracuse is blessed to have a public library at the edge of its community. The Mundy Library, located on Geddes Street, has done a wonderful job serving hundreds of families each year.

The Little Free Libraries project goal is to supplement the resources of our community libraries by promoting literacy and conversation in the community. The libraries’ theme is to “take a book and leave a book”, encouraging books to cycle throughout the neighborhood. Empty phone booths that once dotted the NWS are being filled with books, which residents can borrow for free. The idea is that when folks are done, they’ll return them for others to read.

Little Free Libraries is a collaboration between Syracuse University’s iSchool, the Visual and Performing Arts program and the Near Westside Initiative. The first Little Free Library at 323 Gifford St. is the first of its kind in New York State. Two additional locations include 601 Tully and 300 Otisco.  Books will be available in English and Spanish, to accommodate the multilingual makeup of the Near Westside. “This is a way of putting books out into the community,” said Jill Hurst-Wahl, director of the Library and Information Science graduate program.


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