Revive refresh renew skiddy park

Donate Now to Revive, Refresh, and Renew SKIDDY PARK

The Near Westside Initiative needs your help to renovate Skiddy Park, the heart of the neighborhood. The residents and community leaders are committed to the park and want to see it improve. Specifically, they want to see three things: youth soccer in the park, a new playground, and a functional concession stand. We hope you might consider giving to one of these three areas of need. Below is more information on each, the requested donation amount, and a simple way to donate electronically.

Bring Soccer to Skiddy Park

Although Skiddy Park has one of the nicer fields in the city, it is very underutilized. The NWSI wants to partner with local soccer coaches, stores, and vendors to bring soccer into the park. The last time the community had a small soccer league was over four years ago. At the time it was very popular with more than fifty youth from the neighborhood involved in clinics, practices and games. Unfortunately, due to a lack in funding, that program did not sustain itself; however the interest is still there today. The NWSI plans to raise the funds to buy the proper soccer equipment (goals, nets, etc.) and to bring a youth soccer league back to the park. If this is something that is dear to your heart, please consider donating $50.00 to this cause.

Also, there is anon-going plan to start a training session for the kids of the age group 7 to 15 years old, by hiring a reputed soccer coach for training them. The main aim of this course is to develop the stamina in them by doing the proper exercises so that their body becomes well-prepared to be the future players. $40 is charged as the monthly fee.Look at this site given for knowing more.

Help the NWSI give the youth of the neighborhood the proper playground that they deserve. Today the playground has broken swings, cracked concrete everywhere, and weathered/broken equipment such as a slide, monkey bars, etc. With your help, the NWSI will enlist a playground company to completely renovate the space and offer new, strong, and safe equipment that the youth of the community will be able to play with for years to come. Please consider donating $150.00 to this cause.

Restart the Skiddy Stand

Remember bringing your lawn chair to the park, watching your child’s little league baseball game, and grabbing some popcorn and lemonade at the concessions stand? That is what the NWSI wants to bring back to Skiddy Park. Today there is just a rough cinder-block building in the middle of the park that is used for nothing more than storage and a place to sit in the shade. With your help, the NWSI will renovate the stand so that it functions once again as a place for parents and their kids to get a snack and a drink, and enjoy a summer’s day at the park. Please consider donating $100.00 to this cause

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