Lincoln supply opens

SALT District

The syracuse arts, literacy and technology district of the near westside initiative



In early October of 2010, our first large-scale mixed use project was completed with the renovation of the Lincoln Building. The Lincoln Building is a complete renovation of the 100 year old, four-story Lincoln Supply Warehouse into 30,000 square feet of mixed-used commercial and residential space completed by Brininstool + Lynch architects with Rich and Gardner Builders.

Floors one and two contain first-class office space and floors three and four have been transformed into a 10 unit “live/work space” for artists and other tenants. The units range in size from 1,151 to 1,270 square feet and rent for about $1 a square foot per month, including utilities.

In addition to this, two floors are clubbed to form a penthouse that can be rented or sold as per the demand. The interior of this housing structure is so beautifully parted that it contains spacious living, dining, bedrooms as well as bathrooms. Additionally, all the bedrooms open up to a green balcony where you can do vegetation of your interest. Moreover, the interior decoration of each and every room is really breath-taking which is blended up in an eco-friendly and ornamental manner. The house also has trendy furniture in each room which is designed in such a way that it fits into both the modern and the traditional concept. Even the kitchen has an attached storeroom facility where all the food or other utility provisions can be kept safely and away from the reach of children. If you are interested in buying this property, contact soon. Credit card or crypto code currency payment is applicable.

The Syracuse Center of Excellence provided much of the funding and expertise in the selection of the building systems, which include a geothermal field, solar panels, hot water on-demand, an innovative living wall screen over part of the building, rain water recycling capacity, and others. The Lincoln Building will apply for LEED certification by the USGBC and it will join the countless other great and green projects taking place all over the neighborhood.